At Stone Tower Builders, we understand that every flooring project is unique and requires expert attention. We take pride in offering top-tier flooring services to meet your specific requirements. Our commitment is to ensure you can rely on the quality of workmanship and professionalism that we provide. From initial design consultation to flawless installation and beyond, our team is dedicated to delivering the finest flooring solutions tailored to your needs.

Unparalleled Expertise in Flooring

Our team is among the best in the industry, known for exemplary customer service and competitive pricing. Our highly qualified professionals excel in a wide range of flooring products, including:

Comprehensive Flooring Solutions

Slab Preparation Services

Before any flooring project, proper slab preparation is essential. This process involves ensuring your subfloor is primed for new flooring, including the removal of debris and moisture, and the installation of a moisture barrier when necessary. Our team employs specialized tools to handle concrete slabs, maintaining their integrity throughout the process. We then expertly install underlayment based on your specifications before laying down your new flooring.

Installation and Design

Our team can handle it all, from design to installation. We boast teams of expert installers and designers ready to help you find the perfect flooring solution for your space. Our seasoned installation team understands the intricacies of professional installation, ensuring minimal disruption to your home.

Floor Remodeling

For those looking to breathe new life into their homes, consider remodeling your floors. It's a cost-effective strategy to add value and modernity, ideal for updating dated kitchens or bathrooms, and can enhance the appeal of your property if you're considering selling.

Concrete Removal

Planning to install new flooring but want to remove the existing floor covering? Our technicians can help. They'll skillfully remove concrete and adhesive from your subfloor, preparing it for your new flooring installation.

Epoxy Flooring

For unparalleled durability, epoxy flooring stands out as an excellent choice. It's perfect for garages, industrial spaces, basements, and any room requiring easy maintenance and resistance to heavy traffic. Epoxy floors not only last significantly longer than most other options but also provide a seamless surface that prevents dirt or moisture accumulation, safeguarding your home's foundation.

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